Kayaking is an activity same as the boating in which one person can move across water with the help of a paddler. Sometimes there is 2 person but mainly It is for one person only. The paddler sits facing forward and legs are in front during this activities. They also using 2 side blade to Kayak on water. This activity is most popular in Manali because there is a number of rivers where you can plan it. It is most preferred activity by the person, who came for solo trip. The charges applicable to experience this activity is around 500 to 2000 rupees per person. Generally, this activity is organized at different place but Pandoh Dam is most popular in all. This is the most exciting option for you, if you want to enjoy with different activities. This is one of the things, that you never visit at all the destinations. It is also a perfect adventure to create lots of exciting memories. Surfing on water surface is completely a different feeling and everyone need to experience it once during tour to Manali.

Location: Pandoh Dam in Manali
Prices: Starting upto 500 per adult


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