The high mountains and totally different natural valley forever invitations the trekkers. Once a year, thousands of trekkers and guests came here and luxuriate in the natural valley of Kullu and Manali. Kullu Manali is packed with wonderful sights and delightful foliage. Kullu is most celebrated for Kullu Dussehra. It’s celebrated in the month of Oct. Here are the numbers of valleys, which provides Cool and pleasant climate. Kullu Manali is located within the bank of Beas River. Several tourists come back here to pay their summer and winter vacations. Trekking tours are highly regarded here, particularly once it rains – trekkers relish assembling wood and creating large camp fires. They conjointly begin singing and Terpsichore rounds the fireplace. It makes an unforgettable time for all trekkers.

Kullu and Manali Honeymoon Package

Reach by Roadway: you’ll be able to select the route to achieve at Kullu. Its 523 kilometers from metropolis. You’ll be able to reach at Kullu with the assistance of buses and taxis.

Reach by Railway: these days railway lines aren’t, however obtainable in Kullu and Manali. However, you’ll be able to reach Joginder nagar with the assistance of a railway line. It’s 95 km from Kullu. The next journey you’ll be able to complete with buses and taxis.

Reach by Airway: Manali is fifty kilometer and Kullu is ten kilometers from Bhunter landing field. You’ll be able to reach among two hours at the natural valley of God in Kullu-Manali.

Best time for trekking: there’s mounting time for trekking, In between the month of Apr to Sep. Within the month of July it’s potential within the lowest natural valley and in August to Sep it’s terribly simple to trek within the high mountains. There is a unit several travel agencies in Kullu Manali. They supply trekkers with the trip and conjointly an intimate with a guide for trekking.

Popular trekking Routes:

1. Kullu / Mantalai: Seven day track and distance is (121km).
2. Kullu/ Mathasour/Kaisdhar/Kamand to Kullu – 3 day tour distance is (37km)
3. Manali/Beas Riverkund to ManaliNine day track distance is (72km)
4. Kullu/Jalori pss/Seorsar/Raghupur Garh/Shikari Devi/Shatadhar/Thachi to Kullu.Seven day track distance is (162km)

Trekking institute Aleo: Aleo may be a village between Manali and Jagatsukh within the left aspect of stream Beas River. This place is enticing and peaceful in round the natural valley of Kullu-Manali. during this institute courses on trekking, skiing, climb, (basic and advanced) are obtainable for those interested. With the assistance of this institute several trekkers become celebrated within the national and international circuits – like Kumari Diki Dolma and Kumari Radha. Trekking keeps your body match and young and your mind and spirits active and alive. Do visit Kullu Manali and have an expertise of a period of time trekking on its brilliant slopes.

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